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cRF Calculator

Calculator results display:

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Matchability point bands:

BG 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A 360 279 228 178 146 115 87 63 19 0
B 70 54 42 35 29 24 19 14 6 0
O 405 311 247 193 157 128 103 74 34 0
AB 23 14 10 8 6 3 2 0

The above table outlines matchability point (Mp) band for each blood group within the ODT cRF calculator . For each blood group, the bands are defined by the maximum number of favorably matched donors (Fm) a patient can have to fall within a specific Mp band. Each column represents a distinct Mp band, with the corresponding Fm threshold values.

NB: The banding is subject to change as the calculator is updated.

HLA type for matchability calculation:

Matchability estimates how many level 1 or 2 mismatched, ABO-identical and HLA-compatible donors (a.k.a. favourably matched donors, Fm) are available for a patient within the 10,000 donor cohort. The calculation is based on 'broad' HLA specificities and only HLA-B and DRB1 types are required to determine the matching levels.

Level 1 - 000
Level 2 - [0 DR and 0/1 B] or [1 DR and 0 B]

How to use the calculator

i. Clear data Click the icon or the cRF Calculator name to clear all data and start afresh.

ii. Select blood group Blood group A is selected by default. Click on the blood group name to select a different blood group.

iii. Select antibody specificities Click on the antigen name to select or deselect the antigen. The selected antigen(s) will be highlighted in blue. Click on the locus name to toggle between selecting all or none of the specificities of that locus.

iv. Matchability calculation HLA-B and DRB1 types are required for matchability calculation. Select the HLA-B and DRB1 specificities from the drop down lists. For homozgous types, select the same specificity for both alleles or select one and leave the other unselected.

v. Donor cohort selection Only 3,642 donors in the 10,000 cohort are DP typed. Click the A to toggle between all donors and only those with DP types D.

Data source: hla-mm-and-crf_2024.xlsb
File size signature: 24,099,579.
Created by: Mian Chen - March 2024.
GitHub: machnine/MatchBox